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  1. Hello there, Thanks for the interest in our themes. 1) We have to shift the box manually, once you purchase the theme, you can open new thread on support forum and we will do that. 2) Review widget will show only latest reviews, you can control how many reviews you want to show. 3) Please check the below screenshots of backend below every review post editor you will find these fields 4) Unfortunately this is not possible. Coupon code will be available near about one more month. Cancelling your Membership Subscription means you lose access to the all premium theme downloads, updates and Support. If you want to re-sign for our Club subscription you’ll need to pay the one-time sign-up fee again. Hope this helps, thank you.
  2. Can you please try one more time? It's working for other users.
  3. Hello George, Yes everything above said is possible, except putting social icons in between header logo and image. You can put it in sidebar at the top. You can proceed with purchase and after installing theme on site, let me know your site login details via private message and I will do those changes.
  4. Hello George, As a gesture of helpfulness, we will offer the same layout of Spike in Glamour for you, though we usually don't provide customization, due to time consumption and restrictions. But, please make sure, you are asking what you need, as later I won't be able to make the changes for you on any other theme, you might buy from us or on Glamour for the same. We'll make the homepage layout of Glamour like Spike with header and other things you asked. The update for Glamour is due with many major changes in it, we have a good long list for it and already working on them. Hope this helps. If anything, please let us know. P.S. I still didn't get what you mean by static images on homepage, if there is a new article, there will be a new image attached to it, unless you keep the same image for all. Or is there anything I'm not getting.
  5. Hello George, In Spike theme you can change whole theme color scheme, add big header image and navigation can be lowered. We can help you to add blue titles with thin lines. There is nothing other than that can be done.
  6. 1) Maybe we will update theme middle of the next month. 2) No it will not work. 3) It will not cost you more, I think near about $50 and any developer can add that. 4) Can I know which features of Glamour you want to see you in Spike theme, you can customize most of the things in spike as well like colors, widgets etc. 5) Please check these themes NewsMag Demo | MyThemeShop Vogue Demo | MyThemeShop FashionBlog Demo | MyThemeShop In every theme demo you can find Options Panel link in demo from where you can check what options are available in backend.
  7. 1) Yes that glamour name is a Logo image you can change it with Options panel and upload any size of image. 2) Yes you can show social icons right to the static header if header don't take all the space. Yes you can even add social icons like Spike theme. 3) Unfortunately that's not possible, we are thinking to give this option in our next theme update. But at this time it is not possible.
  8. Hello George, Sorry for the delay in reply. Glamour 1) Unfortunately theme layout can't be changed, you can only disable any section which you don't want to show. 2) Yes you can add any size of image as logo or you can use widget to put any image right to the logo. 3) Yes as social icons is one widget you can just drag and drop it anywhere like sidebar or right to the logo. 4) Yes it is possible, after purchase you can open new thread on our support forum and we will assist you regarding that. Spike 1) Yes it is possible 2) Sorry I don't think there is any type of line in Spike theme near titles, can you please show me the screenshot? TruePixel 1) Yes you can set sidebar to left or right. 2) Yes you can, you have to open thread regarding this for truepixel theme. 3) Yes you can change color scheme to any color using options panel. Yes coupon code is still working. We offer support only via support forum, sometimes we ask for login details so that you don't have to change coding. Our dev team will do that for you. Hope this helps, thank you.
  9. Hi there, unfortunately this is not possible, you need to use some third party plugin if available.
  10. Hello there, Thanks for informing us, we have fixed the issue, it was causing because thumbnail size was 300x250, and ad blocker was thinking it is an Ad. We have made slight change in thumbnail size and they are now 298x248 in size. Please download fresh theme files from Member's area and use this plugin to regenerate thumbnail size for old articles. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
  11. Hello Omar, Unfortunately this is not possible, it require many code edits and at this time we are not accepting new projects. You can hire any coder for less than $50 to do this job.
  12. Hello there, 1) Unfortunately Nominal theme don't come with in built slider, you need to try some third party slider plugin like this one http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/easing-slider/ 2) Do you mean you want to add featured images for old posts which don't have featured images already set? If yes you can use this plugin which can setup first image from article as featured image http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/auto-post-thumbnail/ If anything else please let me know, thanks.
  13. Hi there, Thank you for showing interest in our themes. 1) For every section present no homepage you can assign separate category and it will show latest articles from that category, for reference please check the screenshot of our options panel General Settings 2) Latest posts section will show latest articles only there is no filter for that, yes you can assign categories for all other sections. Every section will show the category name as a title replacing 'Featured' 3) Yes you can assign category for slider as well, please refer above screenshot. If anything else please let me know, thank you.
  14. Hi there, it supports only two layouts Content - Sidebar Sidebar - Content. If anything else, please let us know.
  15. It's seems easy, please refer this tutorial Translate or convert wordpress date/time/comment number to Bangla digit | Tareq Hasan
  16. Hello there, Once you purchase the theme, you will receive login details of our Member's area, where you can find all active theme download links which you have purchased. You can upload that theme on your server and customize as you want. You can use theme on unlimited domains as long as you own those domains, we offer minor customization and full help related to our theme issues.
  17. Hello there, 1) There is not even single line of code different than demo which we give to our customers, it all depends how you do the settings using different options and widgets. 2) For search box you have to manually translate the text, because that text is not enclosed in PHP. 3) Can you please explain this issue, I didn't understand. 4) For ad nearby logo, there is one widget section just like sidebar, you can just drag and drop text widget in it and paste your ad code. 5) Yes most of our customers don't know anything related to coding and they are using our themes easily using our tons of options present in Theme Options panel, if you don't understand anything our support team will help you after purchase, even sometimes we ask login details and do direct changes, so you don't need to play with code.
  18. Hello there, it is not that easy, but you can try adding by editing index.php file and adding your custom code.
  19. Hello there, 1) We update themes only if we find some errors or issues. 2) Yes our all themes are SEO friendly as we use same markup code for themes. 3) Yes we have tested our themes with upcoming WordPress 3.5 version as well, you don't have to worry, because we always update our themes according to new changes and trends. 4) Do you mean image height of featured slider? (It is possible) 5) Yes it is also possible. Once you purchase the theme, you can open new thread in support forum and we will help you to make those changes.
  20. Hello there, we develop themes only for WordPress.
  21. Hello there, no the image carousel is a fixed and you can enable or disable it form options panel, but it will hide automatically for small screens.
  22. Hello Tobias, Metro theme shows latest articles on homepage.
  23. Sure, Please send a email on support-team@mythemeshop.com with the subject 'Slider for PixelMag'.
  24. Hello there, Unfortunately PixelMag don't have any type of Slider.
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