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  1. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the Emerald theme and have a few questions. These questions are regarding the demo page here: Emerald Demo | MyThemeShop 1. On the home page, underneath the "LATEST" box, I see 3 "FEATURED" boxes, each displaying posts in a slightly different way. For example, the first FEATURED box has 2 large post thumbnails followed by 6 small (70px) thumbnails. The next FEATURED box contains six thumbnails of 197px × 127px size, and so on. Are these featured boxes widgets which can be assigned to certain areas of the home page in the WP admin, or will it require editing of theme code to move them around (or remove certain ones)? 2. I'm guessing the LATEST box displays latest posts, but what are the limitations on the FEATURED boxes? Can we assign a category to each box so that only the latest posts from that category appear there? If so, can we assign multiple categories to a single box? Also, can we set a different title to each specific box other than "Featured?" For example, one box titled "Health," another "Cooking," etc. 3. For the slider up top, can we assign specific posts or categories to display there, or does it only display all latest posts?
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