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  3. Hello, Thank you for the feedback. We try our level best to keep up with the support requests. If there is anything else, please don't hesitate to open a new topic in our support forums and we will try our best to help you. Thank you for using MyThemeShop.
  4. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. Bu default, the Premium plugin does not have any such feature too. You need to edit the core files to cover your requirement. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. We can see your Stripe payment is enabled already. You can use that payment method to pay using your Credit/Debit cards. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  6. Hi there, PayPal is not allowed in our country, is there any other way I should use my card? Thank you,
  7. Hello, I'm using the free version of the plugin and have a question about a possible feature of the pro version. In the free plugin, whatever I enter as the review summery title is wrapped in h5 tags. This causes an error with accessibility testing tools for skipped header levels, unless h1, h2, h3, and h4 are all present on the page. I'm wondering if the pro version would allow me to change the settings so this would be an h2 instead of an h5. Is that an option with the pro plugin?
  8. I'm more of a bookworm than a Webdesigner. But With that Themes and Plugins and outstanding and ultrafast Support even i can Set Up a beautyful book review Site. Cheers to the staff!
  9. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. You can get the plugin from here: https://mythemeshop.com/plugins/wordpress-quiz/ Hope that helps. Thank you.
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  11. Hello Sir Maim Please Help Me How To Wp Quiz Pro My Website Url sarkariprep.in
  12. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. The plugin can work only with IDXbrokers. https://www.idxbroker.com/ Hope that helps. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I would like to purchase the WP Real Estate Plugin, I would like to ask if it accepts API connections? This is essential for my website. Possibly whether it works with IDX, because here I would also do well.
  14. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. Your subscription will renew at just $19/year. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  15. Hello My theme will be renewed in a couple of days. I would like to see the amount of the renewal. Thanks and kind regards
  16. Hello, We are adding a suggestion for the same to our team. They'll consider adding this feature in future. Thank you.
  17. Really sad this isn't offered as standard. Not everyone lives in the USA. Your pricing comparison between what is included and what isn't in the free version really needs updating. This is incredibly mis-leading as it doesn't express that other pricing currencies not available on free version.
  18. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. Yes, in the Premium version, you can find a Currency Option where you can adjust the currency as per your requirement. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  19. How do I change the currency from US$ ? Using free plugin at the moment - does it require PRO version?
  20. Hello, We have fixed your account and you can use Stripe payment gateway to complete your purchase using your card. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  21. Hi, please active visa card for me too. thank you!
  22. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. For this request, please contact our Accounts team here: https://mythemeshop.com/contact-us Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  23. I want to asked that when my theme will be expire and how i will renew it and what would be the renewal price?
  24. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a testimonial, we really appreciate that. We look forward helping you in the future.
  25. MyThemeShop.com is the best place to find well-optimized WordPress themes. I have purchased the designer theme and it gets over 95% rank on "Page Speed Insight" for mobile site and 99% for the desktop site. MyThemeShop.com has super friendly support team. Their support is superb. When I need to customize the theme, they help me a lot. Within 24 hours I get a response from mythemeshop.com. Their WordPress plugins are also superb.
  26. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. We have removed your registered domain. You can use the theme on a new domain without any issues. Thank you.
  27. I have already paid for the new subscription and canced the old subscription but I canĀ“t connect the new website. What I can do now?
  28. Hello, Use this invoice instead: https://mythemeshop.com/checkout/order-pay/745986/?pay_for_order=true&key=wc_order_5Cta5RQQstg9z Thank you.
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