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  4. Hello, We would love to sort that for you. But, for that, please follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial: https://community.mythemeshop.com/tutorials/article/53-confirming-a-theme-conflict/ If the problem is not a bug with our product and you are still looking for help, please opt for our support plan, which costs just $9/year and gives you access to our premium support: Premium Support For Just $9/year Once purchased, please open a new support ticket by following this tutorial: https://community.mythemeshop.com/topic/19872-read-first-support-policy-for-free-themes/ We handle all our theme/plugin related help through our support ticket system. One of our moderators will definitely help you. You do not need to register separately for the forums, you can just log in to your member account on MyThemeShop, and you will be logged in automatically in the support forums. Or, you can log in with your MyThemeShop username and password on the support forum too. Looking forward to helping you.
  5. Hi Jitendraa, Thanks for the reply. My menu display is different with yours. There's no Icon in my dashboard. Could you help me with that?
  6. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. You need to navigate to Appearance > Menus and extract the menu item. There you should be able to select the icon with the dropdown in the menu item options: Hope this helps. Thank you.
  7. Hi, MTS team. Thanks for providing us such a great theme. I don't know if your free theme supports latest WP since the detail tell me up to 6.2.4 I would like to know how to add fa icon next before menu nav label? As we check the demo page, it give us a home icon next before Home label on the header menu. Please help me, thank you.
  8. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do that. However you can hire a developer from UpWork.com or from Fiverr.com which can build that custom solution for you for a relatively reasonable price. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  9. Hi is there a possibility to show a notification bar for 1 language and another for another language ?
  10. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write us a testimonial, we really appreciates that. We look forward in helping you again. 
  11. Really Love The Support Behind Mythemeshop
  12. Hello, You can develop a graph, and stock filter in the theme by creating the child theme. You can customize the theme using a child theme and no need for API support for that. I hope that helps. Thanks,
  13. Hi team, I find the crypto theme very suitable for my stock blog needs. There are a few things I still wonder about. + If I have the data provider's API, can I develop graph display and stock filter in your theme? When I code into your theme, do I need access to your API? + I see the website: https://siamblockchain.com/ is using your crypto theme, they have edited the interface. Do they need your API support to do that?https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JAYp9MmwHmcthR5YKNJiupTArxkyD7Oe/view?usp=sharing I hope you can answer so I can understand clearly before purchasing. Thank you so much!
  14. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop. Blogging theme is retired and it is not available for sale anymore. Hope that helps. Thank you.
  15. Hi It appears Scheme Theme when I search Blogging on https://mythemeshop.com/?ref=alohadom, but now I have had a Scheme Theme. How to buy blogging Theme? Thanks,
  16. Hello, Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to write us a testimonial. We really appreciate you being part of our community and we hope to see your business grow. Thank you for choosing MyThemeShop.
  17. your team met all our needs. Your team is admirable, we are very happy, your team helps us a lot. Mythemeshop We sincerely thank you and your team. Thanks.
  18. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. The plugin still works with the latest versions of WP. The fact that it did not have updates is a good sign that it was coded correctly. However if you encounter issues after purchase, let us know and we can either issue you a refund or our support staff can try to fix the issue if you choose to do so. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  19. I am currently using WP Quiz Free and is wondering about getting the Pro version. However, the free version haven't been updated in years and I am a bit worried that MyThemeShop is ignoring many of it's old, but great, plugins. When was WP Quiz Pro last updated and is it being updated regularly?
  20. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. We are really sorry but to be able to receive support from us, you need an active subscription. You can re-purchase the product to re-activate your subscription. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  21. I have bought Wp-Review pro plugin from 1 year ago and it worked very well till today it has great bug wp review item box is won't to add any new iteams for review also the boxes from old articles are disappeared so how can we fix this problem as it's critical for me also note that my current ver is do i need to subscribe again to have updates or what ? here refrance scrren shot https://ibb.co/94jfHKb
  22. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. To be able to obtain support, you will need to have an active subscription. Please re-purchase the theme, it will re-activate your subscription. Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  23. Hello, I bought Schema theme in 2017 but canceled after the year of support. Recently I began receiving the following error in Wordpress: Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$slug in /home/u670846744/domains/harshmode.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/mts_schema/functions.php on line 54 All I did was update to php 8.2 yesterday and today setup LiteSpeed Cache and Super Page Cache for Cloudflare. Nothing else has been done. I tried to flush cache and disable both plugins, but the error won't go away. Any ideas on what could be wrong? That portion of the theme functions says: // Disable auto-updating the theme. function mts_disable_auto_update_theme( $update, $item ) { if ( $item->slug == MTS_THEME_NAME ) { return false; } return $update; } add_filter( 'auto_update_theme', 'mts_disable_auto_update_theme', 10, 2 ); Perhaps it's trying to auto-update? It wouldn't be able to became I no longer have subscription for it. Maybe if I can force it to stop trying to auto-update? I don't want to break the theme so I thought of asking here. Thanks
  24. Hello, It was a pleasure helping you. We are glad you found our help useful. If you have any other questions in future, do let us know. We are here to help you. Could you please leave us a testimonial (if you haven't already done that) on about your overall experience with MyThemeShop? This will help us serve you, our members, better. We appreciate your time and patience. https://community.mythemeshop.com/forum/6-testimonials/ Thank you in anticipation.
  25. The same bank already gave me the refund and I was able to make the payment again with the card directly and there the issue appears to download, thank you very much
  26. Hello, Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today. For this issue please contact our Accounts team here: https://mythemeshop.com/contact-us Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.
  27. I made payment and I can't download it, it was through Paypal with my nequi card, I think there was a problem in Paypal but the money was deducted, I attach proof so that you can please validate
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