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  1. Just got a "coupon usage limit exceeded" error message on the '20kfamily' code while trying to purchase
  2. That sounds good. Ok, so just to be clear I am purchasing the Glamour theme, correct?
  3. Hi Sam, That is an amazing gesture and thoroughly appreciated. I like the entire Glamour theme except for 1) making the middle section looks like the Spike theme with posts accompanied by associated post images 2) making the thin blue title lines next to sections like Sponsor, Subscribe, Trending, etc be same color Pink as Glamour logo 3) Popular Posts & Find Us On FaceBook displayed in sidebar just like Spike theme 4) have the "Connect with Us" social icons be in the top right sidebar just like the Spike theme even more ideal would be to have these clickable social icons appear between the logo and header image at the top if possible So, what I mean by static was in the following contexts o Static header image means what you already have in the top-right section of the Glamour theme just like any other website header image o Static posts means posts that do not get pushed down as new posts get submitted. In Wordpress, there is usually an option to have specific posts be displayed as static content which does not get pushed down. This is particularly useful for SEO purposes in order to serve up content for the homepage which is consistent to Google. Can your Glamour theme (with Spike middle section) accommodate this? There would always be the same images accompanying each post but the post would not be pushed down on the homepage You can feel free to Skype me with my Skype ID gmr324 or call on my cell at (978) 590-8469 if you wish to ask more questions or discuss these issues further. ---------------- So, I'd like to take you up on your gracious offer / please let me know the next steps to proceed Always feel free to ask me for any positive customer reviews you need Very Much Appreciated George
  4. Hi Sam, If I could get a response to my previous post here with the item list to emulate the Glamour theme using the Spike theme, I am prepared to purchase Many Thanks for your great support George
  5. Sam, Let me express my gratitude for your patience in hanging in with my questions. So, if I understand you correctly, there's no reason I cannot emulate the same look on the top of the Glamour theme by adjusting the Spike theme to have the following layout: o Header image in top right o Navigation bar with drop down menus below the header and logo section o Social media icons between the logo and header image o Highlight hovered over Navigation buttons not just in pink but in Pink box same as Glamour theme o Pink (not blue) titles with pink thin lines to the right of them o Adjust height of Spike header box to be same height dimensions as Glamour theme o Read More Pink buttons on blog post excerpts same as Glamour theme If ALL that is true, I am prepared to purchase the Spike theme to receive your guidance or login info to my domain to make that happen BY the way, I will provide any positive reviews you need given the amazing support you've already provided I just wish there was some Skype or chat support to streamline communications I am still tempted to purchased the updated Glamour theme in mid-April once you make those changes Now, besides that above "Glamour emulation" item list, one more question related to my SEO point I made o Can the blog posts with images displayed in the middle be made to be static and always displayed for SEO reasons? I think you've already won over a loyal client. Will wait for your response Many Many Thanks! George Skype: gmr324
  6. 3) It's a shame to pay $50 for an update that will happen in one month anyway 4) In the Spike theme, I'd like to see the following elements from the Glamour theme o header image in top section where Nav bar is now o Nav bar lowered like in Glamour o Sidebar section titles like Popular Posts, Sponsors in Pink with thin lines (pink rather than blue) Now that I think of it, even though I like the blog posts listed in the middle like the Spike theme has for SEO purposes, it would seem to be necessary to have those posts be static and fixed so the homepage content is consistent for ranking purposes. So, as Featured blog posts, they stay static on the homepage. Then, the internal pages can rank for their own long tail keywords. That way, at least Google sees a consistent homepage snapshot content-wise. Nonetheless, I still like the Spike theme middle section layout. This is frustrating because the Glamour theme has 80% of what I have been searching for in a shoe site WP theme except for that middle section layout. 5) Looked at these but didn't have that Glamour theme "look" I am after Not sure what to do now. Thanks George
  7. Once again, thanks so much for the response. "Unfortunately that's not possible, we are thinking to give this option in our next theme update. But at this time it is not possible." o Do you have an idea of when that Glamour theme update will happen to provide the middle section (Spike) layout I'm looking for? o Referencing the Glamour demo middle section, if I disabled the Gossip, Fashion, Featured, Relationship & Latest sections, leaving just the Blog section, would that result in the blog posts with associated images (Spike look) I'm trying to get at? o How much would it cost me to get the Glamour theme customized to have the middle section look that way? o Can the Spike theme or any other one be adjusted via options to look like what I'm trying to get at for this Glamour theme? o Can you recommend any other theme that would have the layout I'm looking for with the Glamour look? I really want to get this theme purchased soon with the look I'm trying to reach to kick the site project off and appreciate your help Much Appreciated George
  8. Hi Sam, Thanks so much for the response. So, just to help me narrow down my theme selection, I really like the Glamour theme the best. Being able to have a static site header and move up the social cons and change the thin blue title lines to pink really helps adapt the theme to my preferences o In the Glamour demo, is the word Glamour considered to be the logo? o Is there room for both social icons and a static header image at the top of the theme or just one or the other? The other option is to have the Glamour social icons appear in the same spot as the Spike theme demo o Here's my only remaining concern about this theme "Unfortunately theme layout can't be changed, you can only disable any section which you don't want to show." What I am looking for is the same layout as the middle of your Spike theme with just posts and their associated images. Can the middle section of the Glamour theme be made to display like the Spike theme by disabling sections? Look forward to your response Many Thanks George
  9. Hi, I submitted a few questions through your website's contact form 2 days ago and to your support email ( with no response and would be interested in getting some information about your great themes I am developing a new shoe site and revamping an existing one. There are three themes that I'd like to get more information about. Questions are listed below ------------- Glamour theme o Can this be setup to be be a two-column layout? In the demo of this theme In the middle, I see Gossip and Blog sections but would prefer that middle section to be simply blog posts with associated images. (like the TruePixel theme layout except with left-hand sidebar) o Can there be a static header displayed at the top? I have shoe images set aside for a site header to help with branding and would like to display a header o Can the social icons be displayed higher on the homepage versus the footer? Social media will be a big part of my site marketing/promotion and I'd like to have bigger social icons prominently displayed (Like the Spike theme) o Can the thin blue lines next to all the titles (Trending, Blog, Subscribe, Blog, etc) be made to be the same dark Pink color as the title font for better delineation and contrast? ---------------- Spike o Can there be a static header displayed at the top? I have shoe images set aside for a site header to help with branding and would like to display a header o Can the thin blue lines next to all the titles (Trending, Blog, Subscribe, Blog, etc) be made to be the same dark Pink color as the title font for better delineation and contrast? ---------------- TruePixel o Can use the Styling Options with layout to change the sidebar to be on the left-hand side? o Can I display some sort of static header image? Thinking of using it for a shoe site which I have a nice image selection for the header on? o Can the theme colors be changed from orange to pink? o Is the coupon code '20kfamily' for 33% discount still valid? o Do you offer phone or Skype support? Look forward to your response George
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