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  1. Thank you for your prompt answer. Regarding the 3rd question. I would like to ask if it is possible to change the date view into my own language. I mean, when i post to my blog, the dates will be shown in English, but i would like to translate them in my language automatically. Is there an option like thet? I saw one German guys' blog, he was able to do that. But anyway, probably, i ll find a way to customize. Thank you again.
  2. Hey guys, I am thinking to purchase a template, probably Adorable, and now checking the customization. I am new on coding, and also wordpress. I got one of your free theme, Portal, and I worked during the day on it. I followed the threads on forum. And here are my comments: 1-) The demo and the theme which i upload arenot same. I worked on it. But unfortunately, didnot get the same view. I dont want to be dissapointed after i paid for the Adorable. 2-) I should translate whole web-site into my native language. I followed your advices, set-up Poedit. I translated some words, unfortunately it didnot work for some simple words such as "Search". (ok i did via search.php) 3-) For time and date configuration, also dates should be same as blogs language. But i couldnt find nothing on your support forum. It could be possible? 4-) There is just below post and title panels for Ad Management. I can handle slide bar advertisement with other plug-ins, but what sould i do for the ad nearby the logo? 5-) Do you offer to buy a template for someone like me who doesnot know anything about coding? Thank you for your kind answer in advance,
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