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  1. Hi there, 1. They are like as follows: First section 460px, Middle section 241px and Sidebar 300px 2. We can't show slider other than homepage but if you want we can assist you to show it on archive pages. 3. Nope, the category pages are differently styled: Gossip Hope this helps. Thank you.
  2. Hi Robert, Unfortunately, our themes does not support them as of now. Hope this helps. If anything, please let us know. Good day.
  3. Hello there, Unfortunately the image scroller in that particular theme is hidden on lower resolutions. As a responsive test, we provide a preview of all the themes, so you don't feel cheated after buying it. You can check the responsiveness of Textured here: MyThemeShop Responsive Design Testing (the link can be found on the demobar of each theme). There is no easy way to make/show it on lower resolutions for Textured. If you have any other question, please feel free to ask. Thank you.
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