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[Splash] Please Add More Payment Options.


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hello mythemeshop,

Please add more payment options it would not cost u much but help us n as well as u.
In india it is really hard that any one have credit card or paypal account.
We can manage Debit Card n Internet Banking account.
Internet Banking is very common in India.
Please add these options too it will surely increase ur sell.

I hope u guys solve this issue asap.

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Thanks for your feedback.


We have many users from India using PayPal and Credit Cards to buy our products.


I believe PayPal lets you add Debit cards for payment as well: https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/payment-methods


Here's a list of Debit Cards PayPal lets you use in India http://www.techmesto.com/indian-debit-card-paypal-google-wallet/


Hope that helps, please don't hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything else.

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I have a suggestion or request.
U guys please create an account in india in the name of ur company.
while filling form at the last make an option that we can submit our payment in ur account n attach a particular transaction number with that order.
also add there an equivalent tab so that user can get their required money to b submit in ur account in their nationals money equivalent.
Please consider this idea it will increase ur sell I m sure & help us in payment in easy way.


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Hai Electron, 


Try American Express® ePrepaid which you can use at MyThemeShop's Stripe Gateway.


What’s ePrepaid?

A digital reloadable Card Account from American Express that can be loaded with funds for easier, faster and safer payments online. You can add funds from Net Banking, Debit Cards etc



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Which country are you from ? You have loaded enough funds to the prepaid card ?
Which gateway you used ?  Stripe or PayPal ?

As MTS is a US based business, their stripe gateway can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

So your eprepaid card should work fine...   PayPal also accepts AMEX

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no sir I m not taking pain.
I m trying for this transation since last 10 days with different different kind of ideas but still nothing get.

this is the ***** which they mailed me n this number is not working.

Your ePrepaid Account Is Now Registered Online

this was the last meassage from americanexpress.
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American Express Credit Cards American Express Cards Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card 1800 208 1223


0124-6744141 American Express Gold Card 1800 419 1120*

91-124-2801111 American Express Platinum Credit Card 1800 419 1030*

1800 180 1030

91-124-280-1030 American Express Platinum Card 1800 419 1255*

1800 180 1255


91-124-4650244 American Express Gold Credit Card 1800 419 2122*

91-124-2801122 Air India American Express Gold Card 1800 419 1266*

1800 180 1666


91-124-4650266 American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card 1800 419 2122

0124-2801122 Air India American Express Green Card 1800 419 1261*

1800 180 1261


91-124-2801261 American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card

1800 419 0691


  American Express PAYBACK Credit Card 1800 419 0726

0124 6744144

0124 2801093



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