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  1. Thank u very-very guys for ur guidance. God bless ur organization.
  2. They told me that by using AmEx eprepaid card u can pay only in india not abroad. Even my 1000 rs is still in their account. I told them to trafer that money to back my bank account.
  3. yes sir please. I invested my 10 days just for getting ur theme. Bcz I love one of ur premium theme I wanna see that on my website asap.
  4. I m trying my best sir but all my try go vain. But I m still trying
  5. sir can u please provide me an exact ***** of them so that I can tell them abt my issue. I have tried ***** which they provide me in their mail but no response from there. I m from india.
  6. WebReflex Sir the ***** they provide me in my mail that is not working. Sir could u please give me direct link any for complain. I didnt find any direct page / link which u provided in ur last comment. Thanks.
  7. WebReflex Sir is there anyway that I can retrasfer my americanexpress balance to my internet banking account ? If I m unable to use this money anyway.
  8. Your ePrepaid Account Has Been Approved yes I got this one 2 see above.
  9. no sir I m not taking pain. I m trying for this transation since last 10 days with different different kind of ideas but still nothing get. 000-800-440-2332 this is the ***** which they mailed me n this number is not working. Your ePrepaid Account Is Now Registered Online this was the last meassage from americanexpress.
  10. india yes after using coupen it is 17.15$ according to current transaction 17.15$ = 1068.7 Rs n I have loaded 1080 Rs. I have used both credit card option n pay pal both declined. please help me anyone.
  11. WebReflex Sir after creating an account with american express still my card is being declined. what should I do now ?
  12. SirI have created an american express account but still I m unable to pay u. please check this matter to me right now.
  13. Sir, I have a suggestion or request. U guys please create an account in india in the name of ur company. while filling form at the last make an option that we can submit our payment in ur account n attach a particular transaction number with that order. also add there an equivalent tab so that user can get their required money to b submit in ur account in their nationals money equivalent. Please consider this idea it will increase ur sell I m sure & help us in payment in easy way. Thanks.
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