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  1. You said that, MyThemeShop is just awesome
  2. American Express Credit Cards American Express Cards Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card 1800 208 1223 0124-2801141 0124-6744141 American Express Gold Card 1800 419 1120* 91-124-2801111 American Express Platinum Credit Card 1800 419 1030* 1800 180 1030 91-124-280-1030 American Express Platinum Card 1800 419 1255* 1800 180 1255 91-124-2801444 91-124-4650244 American Express Gold Credit Card 1800 419 2122* 91-124-2801122 Air India American Express Gold Card 1800 419 1266* 1800 180 1666 91-124-2801666 91-124-4650266 American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card 1800 419 2122 0124-2801122 Air India American Express Green Card 1800 419 1261* 1800 180 1261 91-124-4650261 91-124-2801261 American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card 1800 419 0691 0124-2801002 American Express PAYBACK Credit Card 1800 419 0726 0124 6744144 0124 2801093 https://www.americanexpress.com/india/customerservice/contact-amex-phone.html?india_nav=cscontactmain
  3. I am not sure about that... Sorry... Please contact AMEX Service with all these queries
  4. Please contact AMEX Service and inform them your card is getting declined at this particular gateway. https://www.americanexpress.com/india/customerservice/contactamex.shtml?india_nav=csmain
  5. You got an email with subject "Your ePrepaid Account Has Been Approved" ???
  6. Hai You dont have to panic as your money is safe with the card, you can use it with any other merchant. May be you card is not yet approved by AMEX, Can you contact AMEX Support regarding this ?
  7. Hai, Which country are you from ? You have loaded enough funds to the prepaid card ? Which gateway you used ? Stripe or PayPal ? As MTS is a US based business, their stripe gateway can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. So your eprepaid card should work fine... PayPal also accepts AMEX
  8. Hai Electron, Try American Express® ePrepaid which you can use at MyThemeShop's Stripe Gateway. What’s ePrepaid? A digital reloadable Card Account from American Express that can be loaded with funds for easier, faster and safer payments online. You can add funds from Net Banking, Debit Cards etc https://www.americanexpress.com/in/content/ePrepaid/Prepaid/american-express-prepaid-card/home.html
  9. Yes.. Choice of multiple headers for the theme will be great Thanks ... Please close the topic
  10. Hmm... Thanks In my opinion, this theme could have a large header, which includes leader board ad slot, search , nav menu and the logo
  11. Hi MTS, Video theme looks cool... Can we customise the player ? Will this works on blog with already embedded youtube videos ? Also theme needs a search box (ajax powered) as in sociallyviral theme, search is missing in this theme, can this be done ?
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