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  1. Hello, Please try adding the callback URL like in the example provided by Twitter on the page you linked: If that doesn't help, you could also try setting up a 301 redirect from a new URL (without query parameters) to the original URL with the query string. If that doesn't work either, then as a last resort a .htaccess rewrite rule should solve the issue. Let us know how that helps.
  2. Hello, The [wps_custom_form] is a shortcode used by the WP Subscribers plugin, created by a different company, which we have no affiliation with. So the answer is no, the pro version of our WP Subscribe plugin will not bring back the form. However, setting up WP Subscribe and replacing this shortcode shouldn't be too hard, the options in our plugin are self-explanatory. Personally, looking at the website of WP Subscribers plugin, I would definitely not use this plugin. I'm working with WordPress for about 10 years now but I've never heard of it, and their website screams of icompetence. This is just my personal opinion, I hope you don't mind that I shared my thoughts, and of course you are free to use any plugin you like on your site. Hope that helps. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Please increase the max_post_size and the max_input_vars options on the server, that should solve the issue. Hope that helps.
  4. Hello, The URL Shortener takes the trailing slash (or the lack of it) into account. When you set up the short link with the trailing slash included (e.g. mydomain/out/HOIDSIHDF/) then the redirection will only work with the trailing slash included (mydomain/out/HOIDSIHDF will NOT redirect). To redirect both versions (with AND without the trailing slash) to the same final URL, you could either simply create 2 short links (one for both versions), or you can use some redirection to globally enforce URLs with or without the trailing slash, for example via the .htaccess file: Hope that helps.
  5. Hello, Thank you for getting in touch with us. By default, you can only set up a single set of default features in the plugin's Settings page, but these can be changed per post. On top of that, you can also use the wp_review_default_criteria filter hook to change the default features, based on any PHP condition. Hope that helps.
  6. Hello, Please share your FTP access details in the Sensitive Data field, so we can try some changes in the code. Thank you. Looking forward to helping you.
  7. Hello, Please add the following code in the functions.php file of your current theme or child theme: function mts_set_curl_cipher( $handle ) { curl_setopt( $handle, CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST, 'RSA_AES_128_CBC_SHA1' ); } add_action( 'http_api_curl', 'mts_set_curl_cipher', 10, 1 ); You can use a FTP client to edit the file, or add it directly in WP Admin > Themes > Editor > functions.php. I recommend creating a backup before making any changes. Please try activating the plugin again after adding the code. Hope that helps.
  8. Hello, We are investigating the issue and will get back to you soon. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
  9. Hello, To migrate the visitor's ratings you will need to import/export your comments, as the ratings are stored internally as a special type of comments. Just make sure to select "All Content" when exporting the data from the old site, that will include the comments. You may not see all the data when migrating from the Pro version to the free one, because the Pro version offers more features and stores some data in a different way. After installing the Pro version, the missing data may become visible. We will of course assist you if it the data is missing after the migration. Hope that helps.
  10. Hello, Sorry for the issues. Your Rank Math plugin is correctly updated, you are using the latest version. The problem seems to be in the SEO Analysis module: the results of removed tests get stuck somehow. We will look into this issue and fix it in an update. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
  11. Hello, I'm afraid we won't be able to help you any further – it seems your sitemap is showing up correctly and there is no error in it. The "Last read" date and the "Pending" message suggest that this is a temporary issue and it will be resolved on the Search Console soon. Please note that sitemaps are not a critical part of indexing. A site can and will be indexed even without a sitemap. We recommend asking about the issue in Google's Product Forums:!forum/Webmasters Hope that helps.
  12. Hello, Thanks for letting us know. We are glad that the issue has been resolved. If there's anything else, please feel free to open a new ticket. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have accessed your site through FTP and made a small change in the plugin code so that the SEO Analysis module can now correctly detect the canonical link present on your pages. Hope that helps. If there's anything else, please let us know. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I have logged in to your site to check this issue, and it seems that the redirections in Rank Math are working correctly, for example it redirects: To: Furthermore, when I try a URL that is not redirected by Rank Math, the same issue happens: It's the HTTP to HTTPS redirection that fails, it's not related to the redirections in Rank Math. What method are you using for that? There might be a mistake in the htaccess rule or something. Looking forward to helping you.
  15. Hello, I have checked your site and I can see that the canonical URL tag does in fact appear in the source code of all of the pages. So, the issue is only in how the Analysis feature tests your site, there is no actual SEO problem on your site. You can ignore that test for now. As we could not reproduce the issue on a test install, we would like to take a closer look at it on your site. Could you please provide FTP access to your site so we can try some changes in the plugin code? Thank you. Looking forward to helping you.
  16. Hello, Thank you for pointing out the URL issue in the test. Your site seems to load correctly now for me. The sitemap problem is still kind of a mystery though: all third-party tools show that your sitemap files are readable and do not contain any error. Furthermore, we did not encounter such issues on other user's sites, even though we passed 10,000 installations with Rank Math. I see on your screenshot that the last time Google tried to read your sitemap was 3 days ago, and perhaps the server issues were still happening at the time. Can you please try to submit your sitemap again and see if the "Last read" date gets updated? Please let us know the results. Thank you.
  17. Hello, I just tried logging in to your site, however, the username and password provided in the Sensitive Data field are not working. Could you please check and correct the access details? Also, please share the FTP access details as well, so we can try some changes in the plugin code. We don't necessarily need root access, you can also create an account with the plugin folder as home directory. Thank you. Looking forward to helping you.
  18. Hello, Thank you for letting us know, I'm glad the issue with CloudFlare has been sorted out. Is the sitemap issue still happening in the Search Console or is that also solved now? Looking forward to your response.
  19. Hello, If the robots.txt file is empty now, then it definitely cannot be blocking any of the URLs – for that it would need to contain a rule such as Disallow: *. The issue might be caused by some cache mechanism on Google's side. Please check the accessibility of one of the faulty URLs using the Search Console robots.txt Tester At the top you should see a text box with your current robots.txt content (it should be empty at the moment), while at the bottom you will see a text input field where you can test if a specific URL is accessible or not. Try it with one of the URLs that was flagged as blocked, to see if it is still blocked or not, and to see which robots.txt rule is blocking it. Hope that helps.
  20. Hello, Thank you for adding the login details. This is a strange error because your robots.txt does not seem to be blocking any of the URLs present in the sitemaps. Nonetheless, I tried editing your robots.txt in Rank Math > General Settings > Edit robots.txt, but my changes are not being applied when I visit your /robots.txt file. Are you using any cache or CDN on your site that might be causing this? Please try the following: upload an empty robots.txt file in the root folder of your site. Then, when you visit /robots.txt on your site, you should see a blank file. Then please try submitting the sitemap again in the Search Console. Let us know how that helps. Thank you.
  21. Hello, Could you please add your WP login details a well in the Sensitive Data field so we can take a look at the plugin settings? Thank you. Looking forward to helping you.
  22. Hello, Thanks again for the screenshots. It seems that Google is simply unable to fetch the sitemap, i.e. the request fails when they are trying to download it. I just checked it and I was also unable to open your site: I'm getting "HTTP error 522" (this is probably the general HTTP error Google mentioned in the Search Console). I tried to load both your sitemap and your homepage on multiple occasions, and I keep getting this error. I added a screenshot of the error in the Sensitive Data field. Please ask your hosting provider about the issue. Thank you.
  23. Hello, From your screenshot it appears that you have submitted your sitemap for indexing in the search results. Normally that is not something you want to do: you don't want your sitemap_index.xml to appear in the search results. I have accessed your site again and added back the noindex header to prevent that from happening. Can you please tell us or show on a screenshot what you see in the Sitemaps tab in Search Console? That's where the sitemap is supposed to show up when it is submitted. Thank you. Looking forward to your response.
  24. Hello, Thank you for your cooperation. I have accessed your site through FTP and I made a small change in the code responsible for the sitemap module in Rank Math. Please try submitting the sitemap again and let us know the results. Looking forward to your response.
  25. Hello, It turns out I was wrong in my previous response: the XML sitemap is supposed to have the noindex header, as we don't want it to appear in the search results and compete with other pages on your site. This means that the header can't be the source of the problem. Where exactly are you trying to submit the sitemap URL in the Search Console? The sitemaps are automatically submitted by Rank Math so normally you don't need to send it manually. You should see the sitemap(s) listed under Index > Sitemaps in the newer version of Search Console. If the error is still happening, please create a screenshot of it and share it in the Sensitive Data field. Thank you. Looking forward to your response.
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