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  1. Can you please let me know asap please, i'm waiting to purchase the license. Thanks
  2. Yes I can do the theme changes (I use Elementor to design the site) but I’m familiar with WP theme coding. if I purchase the licence how fast the custom work can be done? I’m running on a deadline thanks
  3. Thanks, Also 2 last things i need before i purchase the license, i need these on the comparison table generated with the shortcode Default order to be from Highest rated to lowest rated (Although the current site uses your pro version, it's not ordered this way. And when try to sort by Rankings it still doesn't sort it properly based on rankings) Need an extra column saying Read more (Other than the Read Review column) Can this be done? Thanks
  4. I just tried installing the lite version to test and exported all the posts from the old site, it does bring in the posts and the rating settings are visible, but the ratings are all disappeared. If i purchase the license and install it on the new site, can you migrate the ratings for me?
  5. Thanks for the fast reply. How do i migrate the reviews from the old site after installing the pro plugin to the new site?
  6. Hi, One of my clients already uses WP Review Pro (His got a license) But i'm doing his site completely from scratch using a different WP framework. He wants migrate all the reviews from the old site, can you please let me know how to do this. I'm happy to buy a new license (as the old license was purchase from his old developer and he's not ready to provide with the details) or pay to get all his reviews migrated. Please let me know urgently as i'm running out of time. Thanks
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