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  1. Hi, Copy paste this in your browser - Actually previous one appears HTTP but linked HTTPS(Hover) Thanks
  2. Hello, Being a premium theme user, I'm also using Rank Math for a while and it is awesome! Also, since I've migrated my blog from blogger to Wordpress, I had to 301 redirect URL(s) old to new. I use Rank math redirection feature. The problem is, it isn't redirecting HTTP to HTTPS properly. Actually, it is removing the '/' that comes after the domain name. Example - In the case of HTTP (Not working) Redirects to https://www.genuineonlinefreejobs.com2015/04/top-10-genuine-paid-online-jobs-survey-panels.html (So, domain name changes to www.genuineonlinefreejobs.com2015) In the case of HTTPS (Working fine) Help me fix this error
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. When I tried to make a purchase, I didn't get discounts as described and I tried to contact support but I didn't receive reply. Please send the custom order to my mail or assist me to checkout. So that I can make the purchase successfully.
  4. Hi, I'm gonna purchase nominal theme and I have few doubts regarding the theme. 1. Since my blog is not going to be updated all the time I don't wish to date appearing on my post, Is it possible to remove it? 2. Will my themeshop credit be removed from the footer after purchase? 3. The 728 x 90 banned is appearing only on home page. Is it possible to make it appear on all the pages we like? 4. Is inbuilt feature available to add ads below article? 5. What are other unique features available on Nominal? 6. What does annual subscription includes? Won't I get updates if I don't pay annual subscription? Thank you
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