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[WP Quiz Pro] Collect answer data & email as lead?


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I'm currently using SurveyGizmo to ask a series of yes/no and multiple choice questions and then I ask for contact information in order to capture leads which I then follow up with via email, phone calls & text messages.  There is only one question per page so its not like just using a simple form...it's more like taking a quiz/survey.

The answers to each of the questions and the contact information is then automatically emailed to me and 2 of my employees the moment the survey has been completed by a visitor.

I would like to use your WP Quiz Pro to create something similar to what I'm doing with SurveyGizmo...I think I could increase conversions with your plugin because of how much more interactive and attractive the layouts are. 

So, does WP Quiz Pro allow me to collect the visitors answers and contact info and have an automated notification system?  I couldn't find my answer on the sales page.



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Hello RL,

Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop.

Unfortunately our plugin doesn't support collecting answers to each of the questions separately. I have forwarded this suggestion to our developer team but unfortunately I can't guarantee how soon we can implement this feature in the plugin.

Hope this helps,

If anything else, please let us know.

Thank you.

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You can collect emails if you use MailChimp or MailResponse mail services.

Please see this video here.
It will give you more information on that.

Looking forward to help you. Thank you.

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