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Thank you - to all moderators that have assisted me with tech support. I have roughly 5-6 themes on different sites, this is my brand blog so I'm paying extra attention. Most of the other themes I have used takes at least  24-hours for a response, all tickets are usually playing tag and it takes even a week to make the smallest adjustment. This is the first time that I have had tickets resolved in a matter of days. For this particular site, i was going to source the work, the coder took 10-days and didnt do anything so i decided to do it myself, i did more work in 2-hours, than the coder- because of the theme. It's easy to use, and even better, the support I recieve from threads are quick, easy to follow and the moderators are very kind. I'm sure I will be posting more support tickets along the way, but I did want to post this testimonial just in case if anyone is reading, these guys are top-knotch!



Hello there, thanks for helping me :) What would you recommend to get it like the holiday size? I think the a little above the  header and below how his positioning is exactly what I was hoping for


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