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[Adorable] Left column?


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Hey guys,


I am thinking to purchase a template, probably Adorable, and now checking the customization. I am new on coding, and also wordpress. I got one of your free theme, Portal, and I worked during the day on it. I followed the threads on forum. And here are my comments:


1-) The demo and the theme which i upload arenot same. I worked on it. But unfortunately, didnot get the same view. I dont want to be dissapointed after i paid for the Adorable.


2-) I should translate whole web-site into my native language. I followed your advices, set-up Poedit. I translated some words, unfortunately it didnot work for some simple words such as "Search". (ok i did via search.php)


3-) For time and date configuration, also dates should be same as blogs language. But i couldnt find nothing on your support forum. It could be possible?


4-) There is just below post and title panels for Ad Management. I can handle slide bar advertisement with other plug-ins, but what sould i do for the ad nearby the logo?


5-) Do you offer to buy a template for someone like me who doesnot know anything about coding?


Thank you for your kind answer in advance,

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Hello there,


1) There is not even single line of code different than demo which we give to our customers, it all depends how you do the settings using different options and widgets.


2) For search box you have to manually translate the text, because that text is not enclosed in PHP.


3) Can you please explain this issue, I didn't understand.


4) For ad nearby logo, there is one widget section just like sidebar, you can just drag and drop text widget in it and paste your ad code.


5) Yes most of our customers don't know anything related to coding and they are using our themes easily using our tons of options present in Theme Options panel, if you don't understand anything our support team will help you after purchase, even sometimes we ask login details and do direct changes, so you don't need to play with code.

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Thank you for your prompt answer. Regarding the 3rd question. I would like to ask if it is possible to change the date view into my own language. I mean, when i post to my blog, the dates will be shown in English, but i would like to translate them in my language automatically. Is there an option like thet? I saw one German guys' blog, he was able to do that. But anyway, probably, i ll find a way to customize. Thank you again.

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