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Just Gone Live With The Pinstagram Theme On Our Fansite, Very Happy!


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We've been developing our new site using the Pinstagram theme for about 4 weeks now, and we finally went live at weekend. Take a look: http://www.onedirection.net/


Our site is the worlds most popular One Direction fansite, and for the past year we've had two separate themes for mobile & desktop, using a mobile switching plugin. Not ideal, and was pretty hard to maintain. We searched for a fast, attractive responsive theme until we found MyThemeShop, and decided to go for the Pinstagram theme.


Definitely made the right choice, and our site is loading super fast right now.


We've made a few modifications, most notably the new responsive menu which we feel improves the theme even more. We've also refined the mobile layout a little so the photos go full width. Please take a look and let me know your honest feedback.





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