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[WP Review Pro] Feature Rating For Users As Well As Authors


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Is it possible to allow users to also rate 'Features' that are in the author review? Ideally it would be great to have each user rate the features, those would be averaged into the overall user rating and then all of the overall user ratings would be averaged into a total user rating.


A potential client needs that functionality and has WP Reviews installed on their site. I need to get a sense of whether this is reasonable using existing filters and hooks, or whether this would require fairly deep development. If it would require development, what is your estimate to do so?

Thanks for any information!

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Unfortunately, that is not possible with the plugin at the moment, but we have plans for adding such feature, along with some other improvements to the user rating system. I can't give you any date for it yet, though.


Are you saying that WP Review Pro can not be set up to allow my customers to visit my website and leave their reviews of my software?  If that's the case, do you have a companion plugin that allow customers to leave a review?

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Hi Myra,


Your customers can leave their reviews on your products.


The OP was asking if the customers will be able to rate the reviews - which isn't possible with our plugin just yet.


You can find all features of WP Review Pro on this page.


Hope that helps, please don't hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything else.

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