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[Blogging] [BloggingBox] Blogging Box pre-sales ?

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I'm considering buying Blogging Box Theme, but I have a few pre-sales questions. I would be really grateful if somebody could answer them for me. I'm new to blogging so please be patient while I test the "there is no such thing a stupid question theory!"

1) Is it possible to make the posts  Speed Test Solitaire essay writer full screen: So there is no gap from the left edge of the screen right up to the side bar and have the side bar touch the right edge of the screen. I hope I made myself clear.

2) Is it possible to have categories and tags displayed in the side bar?

3) Is it possible to have no side bar if I decided?

4) Is it possible to add a horizontal Instagram feed in the footer?

5) Is it easy to create an "about me" page and that that look different to the posts page?

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1 - There are no themes that can do that.  The reason why is because some screens are very large while others are smaller. If we make the theme expand at 100% on all screens then it would mean that on some screens a post will have a very long line of text. That is why the themes are at a maximum width of 1200 to 1400px. Having said that, depending on your layout and your content our support technicians can try to do that for you once you purchase the theme. If they are not able to you can request a refund.

2 - Yes, that can be added to sidebar.

3 - Yes, sidebars can be removed.

4 - That will require a custom solution and is not added by the theme. However we have other themes that can do that:

5 - Yes a custom page can be created in WordPress.

Looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

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