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  1. Hi. I'm considering buying Blogging Box Theme, but I have a few pre-sales questions. I would be really grateful if somebody could answer them for me. I'm new to blogging so please be patient while I test the "there is no such thing a stupid question theory!" 1) Is it possible to make the posts Speed Test Solitaire essay writer full screen: So there is no gap from the left edge of the screen right up to the side bar and have the side bar touch the right edge of the screen. I hope I made myself clear. 2) Is it possible to have categories and tags displayed in the side bar? 3) Is it possible to have no side bar if I decided? 4) Is it possible to add a horizontal Instagram feed in the footer? 5) Is it easy to create an "about me" page and that that look different to the posts page? Thanks in advance.
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