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Should've done this earlier...


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I know what you are wondering... "let me go through the reviews before getting this theme". And you are absolutely right. You should. Read all of them. But what I can tell you is: there will not be a single person saying something bad about the support service. The service is insane. Let me give you an example.

You live in Europe and are working hard during the day. You get back home and you've always wanted to make a website, manage one or just try it out and gain more knowledge. You hop in, try your best but you hit a problem. You try to fix it, google about it, use stackoverflow but the problem is still there. You decide to hit up the MTS service. These people will work hard overnight so when you wake up, your problem got fixed. They will not leave you until you tell them it got fixed. They wait for you. Not you for them. They listen and ask for more information if needed. They look out for anything and they give advice and insight.

I have experienced lots of customer services in my life and I must say: this is the only customer service I do not mind to return to. So much so that when I am bored, I come to this forum just to see them fix someone else's problem. You would never imagine that would you?


I never had the balls to start a website since my knowledge of PHP is little. I always dreamt of owning a website and manage content for my visitors. I lacked the confidence. I thought I would never have the skills to do it. I'm a simple man, I stopped at studying MySQL and only know basic internet languages. But you know, I should have made this decision earlier. I should have tried this platform much much earlier. The amount of support and help is incredible. I think if even asked how a certain code works they wouldnt mind explaining it. You can see the passion flowing and the eagerness to help. It's all professional work. And if you can't fix it. They'll fix it for you by entering your website. They'll help you step by step. Thanks to them, I have been understanding WordPress more day by day and have more confidence in managing my content.

Thank you. Thank you for the great service. We all really mean it.

To you it might be a simple language. To many it's a complicated. And this is what these guys do well: they know this fact. And thus help you in becoming better and in getting your job done as efficient and good as possible.

Thank you for helping us. We are very grateful we are getting such good service.

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Wow, this is definitely a great way to start our week :D

Your feedback brightened up my day and I can't wait to share it with my colleagues.

We all really, really appreciate being appreciated. It shows we are doing something right and that our efforts are reaping the rewards.

We would still help our users/customers but the positive feedback is a great touch.

From everyone here at MyThemeShop, thanks a ton for the stellar testimonial. 

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