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  1. I know what you are wondering... "let me go through the reviews before getting this theme". And you are absolutely right. You should. Read all of them. But what I can tell you is: there will not be a single person saying something bad about the support service. The service is insane. Let me give you an example. You live in Europe and are working hard during the day. You get back home and you've always wanted to make a website, manage one or just try it out and gain more knowledge. You hop in, try your best but you hit a problem. You try to fix it, google about it, use stackoverflow but th
  2. Hi, Thank you for helping us out today. I have a question in regards of the yearly costs for the support service. Does this vary per product? Where can I view the yearly support service costs of MyThemeShop's products? How much does WP Quiz Pro cost per year for access to support service? Thank you! EE
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate that. I'm sorry but I have another question. I saw that the NewsPaper theme allowed for additional custom CSS within it's option panel. How does this work in regards of theme updates? Will this box be cleared with each update? Do I have to make a child-theme file? Or will this additional CSS box not be affected? Thank you EDIT: I have been trying to buy the Newspaper theme for 35$ from the mythemes shop. Since I reside in the Netherlands, credit cards are not popular and not many people own one. We use Paypal. However, Paypal
  4. Hi! First of all I would like to say that it's neat mythemeshop has a distinct forum and has built a seperate community that helps everyone. The internet often feels like an ocean full of information. Speaking of information, I require some help in regards of buying a certain theme and applying it. They are mostly pre sales questions in regards of what the steps are after buying a theme and how it is delivered and in regards of documentations and rules. It's better to be prepared then be surprised and request a refund. I'll list my questions so they remain organized. They are in rega
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