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  1. Which email marketing services does Writer theme integrate with? Thank you.
  2. Hi, is there any way to create a CTA or subscribe section on the myportfolio themes home page and is it set up for woocommerce? It doesn't say it is on the page details. Thank you.
  3. Ok thank you. Thumbnails are the image that you seen on the video before you hit play. Also can I use self-hosted videos like from Wistia in it?
  4. Hi, how do portfolio posts and blog posts differ in both seo and search results? I'm considering Portfolio and need to know? Thank you
  5. What video will play in the video section on this theme? Wistia self-hosted, youtube, vimeo? And can thumbnails be created in the theme itself? Thank you
  6. Where do I edit my author intro box?

  7. I do not want to replace the slider in the onepage theme, I'm going to use it. I want to know if I can add third party video sliders anyplace in the homepage. Can I place video sliders anywhere I want to in the homepage?
  8. Can I use a slider like Metaslider to run another video in the homepage with onepage? If not what can I do? Please be thorough and tell me what I can and cannot do with the home page so we don't go back and forth 10 times over two weeks time to get my answers. I want to have another slider somewhere and a looping video somewhere showing my product in use. How do I accomplish this if I get onepage theme? Thank you, Johnny
  9. Thank you. Can I put a video(s) in the sliders on architect or onepage themes?
  10. Okay so it's been 3 DAYS! since I posted this. Do you care at all that I am trying to determine a theme? I am coming close to the point when I need to purchase one. Please be at least halfway decent and professional and answer my question above as well as this one. Can the blog list page in architect have a parallax photo at the top like the second post in it's demo? Thank you
  11. In the homepage setting there is blog setting at the bottom. There is a grid and traditional setting for the blog list section. What does the traditional look like (specifically)? Does it look like the blog that is in the Choose Demo page for onepage? If I end up buying onepage or architect, is this normal response time for your support - 48 hours?
  12. In the homepage layout managers can I have more than one of each section (ex., two separate projects sections or three portfolios or 2 testimonials, etc)? What does the traditional (not grid) blog design look like in onpage? Does it look just like the blog layout shown on the Choose Demo page?
  13. So within the options panel in onepage I can make the blog posts look like the full width parallax post in architect? Just need to make sure. Can the blog list page (not blog posts) in onepage be made to have a parallax effect like that? What does the traditional blog layout look like in onepage? In the homepage layout manager can I have more than one of each section (ex., two separate projects sections or three portfolios or 2 testimonials, etc)? I'm having a tough time deciding between architect and one page for my fitness product blog, that's why all the ?'s. Thank you, Johnny
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