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[WP Quiz Pro] [WP Quiz Pro] Question before buying Pro version: data export

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I'm looking for the right solution to:

  • built personality tests (quiz)
  • have a nice and fun experience
  • benefit from cool (and working) social sharing buttons
  • derive detailed analytics and what people answered (not only their actual results, but also answers to each and every questions)

For sure, WP Quiz Pro ticks the right boxes for the first 3 points, but the 4th one is quite unclear in the Pro version specifications (I've tested the free version). I would need:

  • ideally the detailed database of what each quiz player answered at each and every question (so as to have or compute on my own stats per question but also correlations, like 80% of people answering B to question 5 also answered D to question 7)
  • or at the very least statistics per question (e.g. 72% of people answered B at question 5, 21% answered A and 7% answered C)

Could you please clarify what the Pro version actually provides as insights on what people actually answered to the published quizzes?

Thank you very much, in advance!
Kind regards,

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop.

The WP Quiz Pro plugin provides you the overall result of a quiz. It does not have any option to show the statistics you have mentioned above.

If for a quiz, you have set the result such as users who score from 8 to 10 will get a grade A. So the plugin will show you the result that the user has a score A.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you.

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