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I made my first purchase with mythemeshop after seeing their awesome e commerce demos.

  • Installation without any hassles
  • Changes to the theme can be made quickly via the theme options (general, styling, color social buttons and more)
  • Layouts for the e commerce themes is easy and looks really awesome
  • Adding sliders etc. is easy and getting the website up and running took me less then 2 hours to figure out what I needed

I needed some help with "overlapping" text on my checkout cart and David C responded with some code.  I needed to expand the form and checkout boxes and David C sent me another few lines of code which allowed me to me to get the layout working the way I wanted. It all took about 2 to 3 days which was great, considering the time difference. Jitendraa also replied to my post in a short time.

The price of the themes are worth every cent and compared to other theme markets and theme developers, mythemeshop is above their competition.


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Thank you for your valuable feedback. It means a lot to us.

We always try to be as fast as humanly possible when replying back to the support tickets.

Feedback like yours motivates us to provide more value to our customers.

If you ever need any help with any of our products or WordPress in general, please feel free to contact us.

I wish good luck with your store.

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