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[Pinstagram] Regarding Shortcodes


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Hello MTS team,

I am using Schema theme. I also like Pinstagram theme. But before buying Pinstagram, I need to clarify a thing.

In my current site, I am using schema theme. I have used shortcodes like [alert-success] [alert-note] [alert-announce BUTTONS]. In schema, these shortcodes creates simple coloured boxes, while in Pinstagram, it creates coloured boxes with various icons. I do not need such icons. I need it same as schema theme.


Schema Shortcodes screenshot: http://ovo.li/cHrbWa

Pinstagram Shortcodes Screenshot: http://ovo.li/VVynrV

Is there any way, that I get the same shortcodes as schema in Pinstagram theme?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop.

The shortcodes are coming from a plugin called WP Shortcode.

And in this plugin, the icons are removed from the alert boxes. So if you use this plugin with Pinstagram, you can get the shortcode box exactly like the one in the Schema theme you are using.

Hope that helps. Thank you.

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