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[WP In Post Ads] Some questions


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Hello, I have some questions regard this plugin:

1) Is possible add more banners on a space and rotate them?

2) Is possible set a priority for a banner respect others?

Example: I have 5 banners on a place but I want that on a specific category (or post) it show a specific banner;

Example 2: I have 5 banners but I want that the banner X is shown more than the others, like 60%, while others, 10% for each;

3) Is possible set for a banner a max of impression? For example, show a banner for a max 500 impressions;

4) I need to have accurate statistics but I have some caching systems, like Varnish Cache (server side), WP Rocket and Cloudflare. Is your statistic system compatible with these struments?

5) I already bought a your premium theme, can I use the credits to have discount if I have buy this plugin?

Thanks for all,

Best regards

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop today.

1. The plugin does not have that option. However if you use DoubleClick services from Google they will allow you to rotate banners within the code that they provide you. And once you insert that code into WP In Post Ads, you should be able to do that. 

2. With DoubleClick you should also be able to do that.

3. With DoubleClick you should also be able to do that.

4. No, it is not generally compatible with caching as it may interfere , but you can test it to see if your caching setup works.

5. Please ask that question to our sales team by email here, they will get back to you on promotions.
Looking forward to help you. Thank you.


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