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  1. Hi MistaPrime, 1) Is there some trick to integrate a category already exsisting on my blog with your "Deals" function? Therefore, I have already a similar category with more posts. 2) I means the position that you see from Appareance - Widget (that list of position where you can place widget, for example, Header, Primary Sidebar, Home Top, Footer 1, Footer 2, etc) 3) Ok well, I meant the layout because on your DEMO, each section is different from the other. Now, seeing your screenshot it seems that are available more post layout for section, really interesting. 4) Sorry, my ad block for Chrome didn't show me the banner. Thank you
  2. Hi, I like very much your theme Dividend but I have some questions for you: 1) How works exactly the "Deals" option? Reading other posts it seems that I can't use my category (with old posts) with your Deals function but I should create a new category and than, add new posts to use it. Can you confirm it? 2) How positions (to place widget) offer the theme? 3) On the homepage, in the sections, Article, Business, Insipiration, Politcs, are all different widget? Is possibile know or see a screenshot of which widget is possible use? 4) How is large the sidebar? Is possibile add a 300x250px banner? Thanks, Best regards
  3. Hi Jitendra,

    please is possible re-open this ticket?

    I noted only today a little problem on search result pages and I wanted write a new post.


  4. Hi, I wanted to thank the support of MyThemeShop, they are very amazing. Now it's been weeks that I opened a lot of tickets (thanks for the patience) asking for information on how to do this, how to change that, but I never received a negative answer. I must also say that their support goes beyond the simple help regard the purchased theme, but they will also help you to optimize and improve your site, with graphic advice, help with css, etc. It is impossible to find a support like this today. Thanks MyThemeShop, keep it up!
  5. Hello, I have some questions regard this plugin: 1) Is possible add more banners on a space and rotate them? 2) Is possible set a priority for a banner respect others? Example: I have 5 banners on a place but I want that on a specific category (or post) it show a specific banner; Example 2: I have 5 banners but I want that the banner X is shown more than the others, like 60%, while others, 10% for each; 3) Is possible set for a banner a max of impression? For example, show a banner for a max 500 impressions; 4) I need to have accurate statistics but I have some caching systems, like Varnish Cache (server side), WP Rocket and Cloudflare. Is your statistic system compatible with these struments? 5) I already bought a your premium theme, can I use the credits to have discount if I have buy this plugin? Thanks for all, Best regards
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