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Happy with the Extended membership and support


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Just joined about a month and a half ago and very happy I found mythemeshop.

I actually never heard of them before until I checked a website in wp theme detector and saw their theme was Schema. I used to build websites in a wysiwyg web builder and never really used WP.  Had installed it a couple times but had a hard time to make websites look the way I wanted so gave up until I started with IM. I wanted a magazine theme for one of my projects so I first went to envato themeforest and bought a theme for $39, boy did I regret that.

Not only did it annoy me that you could formally only use it on one domain but that theme was bloated as hell, slow and the support SUCKED!

So after spying on a website and found out they were using schema I ended up here, I couldn't make up my mind of which theme to buy in the action period and once i finally wanted to buy 2 themes the promo just expired :(

So I figured, let's buy the Extended membership and now I got em allll :)

Asked support a couple questions through the email and on the forum and so far their service has been great!

Now I can finally start with all my projects, plenty of themes and plugins to choose from :)

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Thank you for your great testimonial, we really appreciate that you have taken the time to write to us. It just made our weekend better knowing that you are a happy customer. :D

We look forward in helping you again and we also look forward in seeing your website and business grow. :)

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✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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