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  1. Now I never had a bad word about the support, I even promoted MTS a lot of times but I'm disappointed with the new price system. Due to things in life been away for a while and now that I'm back wanted to sub again but for the monthly subscription I again have to pay a high price for the first month..$102 for the first month and $15 for every month after. This would be fine for new users but would have at least expected a better deal for returning customers.
  2. I'm looking though all the plugins now, I am beyond ecstatic
  3. Just joined about a month and a half ago and very happy I found mythemeshop. I actually never heard of them before until I checked a website in wp theme detector and saw their theme was Schema. I used to build websites in a wysiwyg web builder and never really used WP. Had installed it a couple times but had a hard time to make websites look the way I wanted so gave up until I started with IM. I wanted a magazine theme for one of my projects so I first went to envato themeforest and bought a theme for $39, boy did I regret that. Not only did it annoy me that you could formally only use
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