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[NewsPaper] Presale questions & requests


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Hello, I would like to purchase Newspaper theme for my site http://www.themysteriousindia.net and I really liked it. But I have few questions. 

I really like Infinte Single Posts in your theme MyBlog (Previous Posts automatically load when you scroll down) but this feature is not available in Newspaper theme. If you will add this feature to Newspaper than I will purchase it. 

My second question is related to MyBlog theme. Is it possible to use this theme as Full Width instead of Box version? or increase its width?


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Hello Gagan,

Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop.

Unfortunately NewsPaper don't have infinite scrolling on single posts and it is not easy to add that feature without extensive customization.

About MyBlog, yes once you purchase the theme, you can open a ticket in our support forums. Our support staff will help you to remove the box borders to make it look like full width layout.

Hope this helps, if anything else, please let us know.

Thank you.

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