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[PointPro] Question About Point Pro


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I'm thinking of buying point pro, but had a couple questions.


1. Does Point pro allow you to show an image with a menu item? I didn't see a way to do it in the free version.Or would I have to get the WP Mega Menu plugin to do that?


2. Is the cost of Point pro a one-time fee of $59, then $19 each year?


3. Also, with the extended membership, is it a one time only fee of $87, then a monthly fee of $12 forever?


I just wanted to make sure I understood the pricing. Thanks so much.

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Thank you for your interest in MyThemeShop.


1. By default it is not possible to show images in the menu. You need to install WP Mega Menu for that purpose.


2. Yes, for a single theme, you need to pay $59 for the first time and after 1 year, you need to pay $19 to renew that. Also you can contact our sales team for discounts on the first purchase price.


3. Yes, you need to pay $87 in the first month and from the next month, you need to pay $12 to get the support and updates.


After your subscription overs, you can not get access to the themes and updates. However you can use the themes you have downloaded previously.


Let us know if you need any other assistance.


Thank you.

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