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Question on Review function of Splash - URGENT


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I'm considering buying Splash or True Pixel. However, I have the following questions in relation to the review functionality of Splash:


1) Can the review box be added to the bottom of the post?


2) Is it possible to rank reviews in a widget, or at all?


3) How does the review implementation actually work? The demo doesn't provide much detail.


4) Is it possible to get the review function on True Pixel; this would be the ideal.


Thank you for any help.


How long is the 33% offer open for. I would consider getting the membership, for that price.


Last question... In the event that the membership is cancelled after a few months, would I still have the right to use and update the themes I've used during my contractual term?


I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency, if you can.

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Hello there,

Thanks for the interest in our themes.

1) We have to shift the box manually, once you purchase the theme, you can open new thread on support forum and we will do that.


2) Review widget will show only latest reviews, you can control how many reviews you want to show.


3) Please check the below screenshots of backend


Posted Image

below every review post editor you will find these fields

Posted Image


4) Unfortunately this is not possible.


Coupon code will be available near about one more month.


Cancelling your Membership Subscription means you lose access to the all premium theme downloads, updates and Support. If you want to re-sign for our Club subscription you’ll need to pay the one-time sign-up fee again.

Hope this helps, thank you.

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Thank you for your reply. Please confirm whether any changes you make to the review box (i.e. moving it to the bottom of the post) would be overriden by future updates. Would you create a child theme?


Please also confirm whether the numerical data relating to the reviews (i.e. the overall star rating) is stored in the database. I would like to do a Top 5 restaurants feature eventually.


Thanks again. I intend to buy it today if you can help me with my question above.

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Yes those changes will disappear if you update the theme, our themes don't support child themes, but yes after purchase we will show you we code need to be moved so that you can follow same instructions after future updates as well.


Yes, every rating given by user is stored in database.

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