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Some Questions Regarding Sensational Theme (Closed)


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I really like the sensational theme but got some questions


1. Why there is no update for the theme since April 2012

2. Is the theme is SEO friendly since, its not notified in the theme descriptions as its said in other themes.

3. Will this theme will be future proof.

4. Can it be possible to increase the size of the featured slider on the homepage.

5. will it be possible to decrease the size of the thumbnails on the homepage.



Thanks :)

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Hello there,

1) We update themes only if we find some errors or issues.

2) Yes our all themes are SEO friendly as we use same markup code for themes.

3) Yes we have tested our themes with upcoming WordPress 3.5 version as well, you don't have to worry, because we always update our themes according to new changes and trends.

4) Do you mean image height of featured slider? (It is possible)

5) Yes it is also possible.


Once you purchase the theme, you can open new thread in support forum and we will help you to make those changes.

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