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[Blogging] Looking For A Theme


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Hi team,


I'm a loyal customer, just love your designs.


I am running a book review website and I am looking at changing the current theme from SociallyViral to something different as I find that SociallyViral is not very useful for my current set-up. I am looking for a theme that is sort of like a magazine, with recent articles showing on the homepage complete with feature image and the first couple of lines of text.


My problem is that the feature photos are book covers, so they have usually a fixed width of max 160px with a vertical orientation. The themes that you design mostly work with different image sizes, they are all horizontal from what I can see... If you look at buchvergleich.de you see that the current use of images is not very attractive. 


Can you please let me know which mag themes you would recommend for a website that works with book covers. It's really hard for me to get an idea which of the themes would look ok if images were not horizontal and also rather small.


Many thanks for your help!



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You can take a look on WordX, NewsOnline, Newspaper to choose one as per your requirement.


You can also adjust the thumbnail dimension there by adjusting the core files.


Let us know if you need any other help.


Thank you.

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