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[Schema] Questions Regarding Schema Theme


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Hello there.

1. Demo site for Schema features hero images that measure 680x350. Is that a set size? For example, if we keep the 680 width but want to use images that are taller or shorter, is that problematic or no big deal?

2. How about the size for the images used in the homepage slideshow?

3. The thumbnails featured in the sidebar are more square and seem to focus on middle area from original wide photo. Is that how they work automatically, or do you have more control over how the sidebar images appear?

4. Demo theme seems to feature one blue accent color. We assume that color can be adjusted, yes?

5. We actually have a spectrum of colors we like to use. Is it possible to use several different accent colors to help categorize posts, for example? Not critical, but we’re interested to know.

6. We like that Schema is designed to help the SEO. But we also like using the Joost plug-in to clarify content of each page. Will using that plug-in cancel out what you’ve coded into the theme — or enhance it?

Thanks CW

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Thanks for your enquiry, I will be happy to assist you.


1. The image size can be changed very easily with a simple edit and it won't create any issues as long as the size isn't too odd in which case, wrong areas of the photo will be cropped.


2. That size can be changed very easily as well.


3. You can setup the theme to make cropping start from top left, top right etc. 


4. Yes, it can be changed we easily.


5. Sure, can be done with a bit of code.


6. Not at all. In fact, we recommend using that plugin to enhance the working of our theme. 


Hope that helps, please don't hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything else.

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