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[General] Questions: Steadyincome Theme


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Great theme, guys.

But I can’t get the theme [well I did purchase the theme] because though it’s a marketing, money making, theme with products, there is no Woo Commerce integration? Seems real odd. Woo Commerce really needs to integrated so the user of the theme can do what the theme actually named for, provide "Steady Income" just like on My Theme Shop site. 
The Woo Commerce Shop Integration would make the theme complete and logically seems like the right move.
Will you be adding Woo Commerce?
Also, it would be great to have the home page box (which is awesome! btw) followed by blog posts. See here http://michaelhyatt.com/.
Will you consider adding this type of functionality, if not can there be a cool sidebar implementation on the home page. At the least can we add more that two [possibly 4] blog posts on the home page?
Let me know your thoughts. :)  


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