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[MagXP] Customize Ad Positions For Magxp Theme


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Hi Team,


I would like to buy the MagXp theme for one of our tech website. Therefore, I would  like to know more about the below topics.


1. Can i Change the ad Placements inside the theme? For Eg: Can we put new ad slots/positions inside any article or in footer/header etc.


2. The demo shows that the theme can be used for multiple websites. Could you let me know if these has to be customized by me or i would need to get any support help for that.


3. Can I use the same theme for 2 of my domains?


4. Is there any phone support(paid/unpaid) where i can call and get by queries answered?

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Thank you for your interest in MyThemeShop.


1. Yes, If you need to add the ad other then the place provided in the theme, then you can easily customize the files there for adding the code. We are providing support for adding ads in header, footer etc.


2. You can use that directly in multiple sites of your own.


3. Yes you can.


4. Sorry we do not provide any such support. You can only connect with us in the forums. We'll get back to you with in 24 hours.


Thank you.

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