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[MagXP] Any Themes Where You Can Choose How Many Columns To Display On Home Page?


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Maybe right away you can tell me if there is any template at all that offers this feature: being able to display 1 or 2 or 3 columns, this either on home page, a post or a page?




home page = 3 columns (not counting the sidebar)

cat 1 = 2 columns

cat 3 = 1 column

whatever page = 1 column

another page = 2 columns 

and so on


It is just that there are so many templates (not too... many just many!) that maybe you can let me know if it is possible at all!




Gee your template load fast! Your slower is the Portfolio one but still very good results!



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Unfortunately, I don't think there is any theme in our portfolio that would allow that. Many of our themes come with various layout-related options, but it is not possible to set these depending on the displayed category, it's a global setting in most cases.


And thanks for the feedback about the loading speeds. As the themes are very different, the loading speed may vary, but fast loading is one of our main concerns when developing our themes.

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