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  1. This is the snapshot as it is now...seems ok BUT....! http://snag.gy/24gPx.jpg HEre is what happens when you click on the menu on the right: http://snag.gy/4GCIo.jpg I just want to see how this menu on the right works a real demo situation! Roger
  2. I am testing the sub menu but it is said "denied" in the demo! Link here at http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=NewsTimes Under the slider on the right side. Can you fix that so I can see how it displays the contnets? All Breaking Business Politics Tech Reason: I need a template with 2 different nav bars and there are not many of these. Most of them are just with one nav bar! Roger
  3. Maybe right away you can tell me if there is any template at all that offers this feature: being able to display 1 or 2 or 3 columns, this either on home page, a post or a page? Like: home page = 3 columns (not counting the sidebar) cat 1 = 2 columns cat 3 = 1 column whatever page = 1 column another page = 2 columns and so on It is just that there are so many templates (not too... many just many!) that maybe you can let me know if it is possible at all! Roger Gee your template load fast! Your slower is the Portfolio one but still very good results!
  4. Clear: 3 layers all in all starting on any cat level possible! Roger Does support is always fast like that/
  5. If I understood, well there is a max level of 3 cats all in all: main one main one + sub1 main one + sub1 + sub2 Correct or...???? Roger
  6. Can you do something like: Growing Growing > Plants Growing > Plants > Grains Growing > Plants > Grains > Rice I mean is there a limit to the level of sub cats? Thanks Roger Pilon, Editor The Planet Fixer Digest
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