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[Best] Couple Of Questions


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I was looking at the Best theme and wondered if the paralax page shows the image on the background or is this another image? And can you choose for each parallax page another background (I mean the parallax image)?


This theme doesn't come with woocommerce optimization, others do. Does this mean that the others contain already woocommerce or do you still need to download it for every theme? And if I download it and use it on the best theme it won't fit or not be compatible?


I see you can use reviews on every post or page. Is this a best practice to do on every page and post you write (because the serp can take it in their list) or is not best practice and should reviews only be used for product reviews and not just articles?




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The Parallax page is a page template (available for posts as well) and it will show the featured image in the parallax area. As such, it can be different in each post.


Best theme doesn't have built-in WooCommerce support, which means that it doesn't contain the WooCommerce-related codes and optimizations like the other themes, and there might be some styling issues as well with the plugin. The theme may work fine with the plugin but we cannot guarantee full compatibility.

I suggest taking a look at Schema theme, it has similar layout to Best, and it's WooCommerce-compatible.

WooCommerce plugin isn't included in any of our themes, it has to be installed separately.


And I'd advise against using reviews on all posts, though I'm not an SEO expert. Unless all posts are reviews about specific items of course. I think the review (and the related meta data that Goole picks up & displays on SERPs) should only be used when appropriate.

We've added the reviews on the demo site just to show off the review functionality.


Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other question.

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