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  1. Hello MistaPrime, I appreciate your answer. With help installing the theme does that mean a bit of help to make the images fit the newspaper theme? (with the plugin you mentioned) Also if there are updates to the theme, will I be able to update it with new versions or do I have to rebuy it when there's a new version? (or will it go back to a free/limited version upon updating?) Do you happen to know if your themes work together with visual composer? (currently they use this to create the homepage and a couple of other pages)
  2. Can I expect this thumbnail regenerating plugin to work on big sites also? (I ask because it would mean a lot of images would have to be regenerated). I also see that the former theme used a tagdiv widget that looks like it was specific for the theme. Probably this would mean this widget wouldn't work anymore? If you show multiple posts the homepage and in the sidebar recent posts etc. Is there a way so it would not show the same post double? Do you offer some kind of (paid?) support when transferring from 1 theme to another? Kind regards, Bruno
  3. If I look at the link it says: Make sure you use these WordPress functions every time you display images: wp_get_attachment_image_src wp_get_attachment_image the_post_thumbnail get_the_post_thumbnail Does this mean that your theme supports these functions? Will this still work if you have like 10,000 posts containing 1 to 2 images on average? Kind regards, Bruno
  4. Hello, If you have a site with a lot of images and thumbnails that fitted on that theme (and thumbnails were generated). But now I want to use one of your themes. So because the dimensions are different it will not fit probably? How can I make sure that my images (large, small thumbnails, inline images) will still look good? Do you help in the process of using your theme so the images/thumbnails of all the post look good on the new theme I would buy? Maybe there is a way to make it work so images will continue to look good when switching to your themes? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I was looking at the Best theme and wondered if the paralax page shows the image on the background or is this another image? And can you choose for each parallax page another background (I mean the parallax image)? This theme doesn't come with woocommerce optimization, others do. Does this mean that the others contain already woocommerce or do you still need to download it for every theme? And if I download it and use it on the best theme it won't fit or not be compatible? I see you can use reviews on every post or page. Is this a best practice to do on every page and post you write (because the serp can take it in their list) or is not best practice and should reviews only be used for product reviews and not just articles? Thanks, Bruno
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