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[Report] Problems With Payment


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Okay. First of all i wanted to buy a theme (schema v.1.0.4) from your website and i had got a coupon code. Ä° tried to use that code and it worked. Price was 19.60 $. Then the payment screen came to me and i wrote the credit card information. After a few minutes my bank called to me and they said mythemeshop.com tried to draw 1,960 $ (one thousond nine hundred sixty). They blocked to use my card because they think it was a cheating. That's the problem.

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Hi there,

First of all it's impossible in our system to charge more than what price is appearning on screen and all credit card payments are through third party gateway http://stripe.com

Can you please confirm with bank again if they mistakenly thought 19.60 as 1960 dollars?

For verification I am dropping mail to Stripe with your invoice id.

Hope this helps, thanks.

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