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[URL Shortener Pro] How do I clear database with losing all links?


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Hi - the database for my Short Links is now 330,000 rows. I have 429 links - a lot of them are now redundant.

Is it possible to reset the stats etc for all the links - whilst making sure they keep working? A lot of the data is no longer required. I would be happy to start fresh.

Is there any other way of shrinking the size of the database for shortlinks?

I have already tried 'Repair' and 'Optimize'


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You can simply truncate (i.e. empty) the "wp_short_link_clicks" table in your database (the "wp_" prefix part of the table name might be different on your setup). This will clear the short link statistics, while keeping everything else in place. You can do it for example with PhpMyAdmin, if that is available for you.

It is strongly advised to create a backup before making any changes in the database.

Hope that helps.

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