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[WP Review Pro] Display schema relevant fields

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We use "WP Review" to rate Hotels, so we choose "Reviewed Item Schema: Hotel". Then there are all the fields like "Hotel image", "Hotel name", "More link URL", "Price range", "Address", "Telephone", ...

It could be great if the plugin displays all that information before the "Features names and scores".

We didn't find the option for this. Is it possible?

Does the PRO version do that?


Thank you

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In WP Review Pro there is an option to "Display Schema Data in the Box" – when you turn this on it will list the mentioned fields and their values inside the Review Box. If you want to change the position of this Schema part in the Review Box, or if you want to change anything else about the box, you can adjust the appearance by overriding the appropriate template files (you will need some HTML/PHP knowledge for this).

Hope that helps.

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