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[WP Tab Widget Pro] Tabs with Selected List of Pages or Posts with Block Content


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We need to place in tabs specific pages or posts that can have any content in them as composed by the new Gutenberg Block Editor. In particular, we have multiple columns in our pages/posts, images, video, etc.

We see your demos that focus on Popular, Comments, and Recent. These are not useful to us. I'm hoping that the Tags tab can be a workaround in which we associate unique tags to posts and then can include them to get the selection we need.

Also, I could not find comprehensive documentation on this plugin, specifically instructions on how to access the Options Panel. We installed the Free version to try to see if how your plugin works will meet our needs, but could not figure it out.


  • Can we select specific pages/posts with full block content to show up as tabs?
  • Do you have comprehensive documentation on how to configure tabs with this plugin?


I took the chance and purchased the WP Tab Widget plugin. I see that if once selects Custom Post Type that there is a Post Type field. However, that field when clicked is blank with no ability to select anything. I would expect the Post Types that WordPress documents. This looks like a bug.

My Configuration: WordPress 5.8.1, Tested on Firefox 94.0.1 and Chrome 95.0.4638.69 on Windows 10 Pro


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The "Custom Post Type" tab type will only show the public custom post types, in other words, it excludes the default post types available in WordPress (posts, pages), and it also excludes the post types registered as non-public.

It may be possible to change this behaviour, by editing the main file of plugin: wp-tab-widget-pro/wp-tab-widget-pro.php

Please find this part in the file (lines 809-812):

$args = array(
	'public'   => true,
	'_builtin' => false

Delete the inner lines:

$args = array(

Then it should list all the post types, and you will be able to select any post type for the tab.

Hope that helps.

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