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Mythemeshop, Schema and My Blogging Journey


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Yes, you've read the title correctly. Now, let me explain.


I started my blogging life in mid-2018. Towards 2019, I was blank and lost. Funny enough, I was told that free themes are not good for SEO, so I went about begging for a free theme. Suffered, the owner even withdrew it once without a tangible explanation. I wasn't even earning!

Around 2019, the website I created articles for, because I'm good at content creation, was using Ad-Sense theme (till today. I think he buys his from theme forest). He let me have it since he, perhaps, has an unlimited license. Around 2019 ending, his subscription expired and he didn't renew. I could not tell him, so I continued with the expired Ad-Sense theme. Before the expiration, I had applied for Google Adsense and was approved in 48 hours.

Eventually, Google introduced Schema.org. My search console was showing deprecated breadcrumbs this and that. I knew it wasn't good. I visited my boss' website and he had a new Mythemeshop theme. I promised myself to get it. Why? I believed that because he's using it, it's good. I had and still have access to his Dashboard because I manage the site for him (he trusts me and we've never met each other since 2017 till today, and we stay in the same country. Lol).

I checked his theme section and saw that the name of his theme was Schema. I researched the theme and the whole internet was like "Yoh, we're made of Schema". I hadn't money, but I knew I had to risk it, even without traffic.

My Adsense ads were limited, so no money or whatever. The site was just useless. I bought a schema theme. After a long time, Adsense was still limited. I closed the account, partially shut down the site and purchased a new domain, and informed Mythemeshop to switch the site license, which they did. In one month, I had AdSense approval (first attempt) and unlocked direct support the following month. I was earning at least $25 per week with just 300 visitors. I accumulated $150+ in my account, but I was hit with an ads limit. I blamed myself because I may have posted my URL on some bad websites.

My boss bought the website from me. That was the first money I made blogging. Sold it for $400. It meant a lot.

I used it to start a new website, which is what I have today, and immediately, I'm on track, thanks to Mythemeshop, Schema and the crew.

My subscription expired for nearly a year. I emailed the support and explained my plight. They gave me a massive discount, almost like I'm renewing the theme (after such a long time). Not many providers would be this good, you know.

I don't see me leaving Mythemeshop any soon. I feel trapped in here, and I get the feeling that Schema is the best. I already blog like I know what I'm doing and earn the bit I can.

The support here is massive. I think I'm the user with the most questions asked this month (the month you're seeing this post), and I feared they'd be like, "Okay, okay, okay, we're done and tired of you already." They haven't. Instead, they keep saying, "ask more. We're here for you".

That's amazing, right? Lest I forget, I think I have the finest blog. Thanks to the mods. I won't mention their names because many other Mythemeshop crew contribute to this greatness.

I could write even more, but let's drop it here.

Once again, my blogging journey has been Mythemeshop and Schema.

And my name is Paulinus Sunday, a lazy and smart blogger who asks many questions on Mythemeshop.

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Hello Paulinus,

Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey and inspire other users.

We are grateful that you are part of our community and we look forward in helping you again.

Do not feel bad about posting questions, we love answering them, it is our job to make it easier on you to use our products and are grateful for you being our customer.

We hope to see your sites grow in time and your business flourish. 

Thank you,

🏁Rank #1 on Google With our WordPress SEO Plugin.

Score a 💯on PageSpeed and Dominate Search Rankings.

✏ Editing theme files? Please create a child theme to make your changes update-proof.

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