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  1. Yes, you've read the title correctly. Now, let me explain. I started my blogging life in mid-2018. Towards 2019, I was blank and lost. Funny enough, I was told that free themes are not good for SEO, so I went about begging for a free theme. Suffered, the owner even withdrew it once without a tangible explanation. I wasn't even earning! Around 2019, the website I created articles for, because I'm good at content creation, was using Ad-Sense theme (till today. I think he buys his from theme forest). He let me have it since he, perhaps, has an unlimited license. Around 2019 ending, his subscription expired and he didn't renew. I could not tell him, so I continued with the expired Ad-Sense theme. Before the expiration, I had applied for Google Adsense and was approved in 48 hours. Eventually, Google introduced Schema.org. My search console was showing deprecated breadcrumbs this and that. I knew it wasn't good. I visited my boss' website and he had a new Mythemeshop theme. I promised myself to get it. Why? I believed that because he's using it, it's good. I had and still have access to his Dashboard because I manage the site for him (he trusts me and we've never met each other since 2017 till today, and we stay in the same country. Lol). I checked his theme section and saw that the name of his theme was Schema. I researched the theme and the whole internet was like "Yoh, we're made of Schema". I hadn't money, but I knew I had to risk it, even without traffic. My Adsense ads were limited, so no money or whatever. The site was just useless. I bought a schema theme. After a long time, Adsense was still limited. I closed the account, partially shut down the site and purchased a new domain, and informed Mythemeshop to switch the site license, which they did. In one month, I had AdSense approval (first attempt) and unlocked direct support the following month. I was earning at least $25 per week with just 300 visitors. I accumulated $150+ in my account, but I was hit with an ads limit. I blamed myself because I may have posted my URL on some bad websites. My boss bought the website from me. That was the first money I made blogging. Sold it for $400. It meant a lot. I used it to start a new website, which is what I have today, and immediately, I'm on track, thanks to Mythemeshop, Schema and the crew. My subscription expired for nearly a year. I emailed the support and explained my plight. They gave me a massive discount, almost like I'm renewing the theme (after such a long time). Not many providers would be this good, you know. I don't see me leaving Mythemeshop any soon. I feel trapped in here, and I get the feeling that Schema is the best. I already blog like I know what I'm doing and earn the bit I can. The support here is massive. I think I'm the user with the most questions asked this month (the month you're seeing this post), and I feared they'd be like, "Okay, okay, okay, we're done and tired of you already." They haven't. Instead, they keep saying, "ask more. We're here for you". That's amazing, right? Lest I forget, I think I have the finest blog. Thanks to the mods. I won't mention their names because many other Mythemeshop crew contribute to this greatness. I could write even more, but let's drop it here. Once again, my blogging journey has been Mythemeshop and Schema. And my name is Paulinus Sunday, a lazy and smart blogger who asks many questions on Mythemeshop.
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