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[WP Tab Widget Pro] Can i disable pagination and show 100s of Recent Posts


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I want to buy the pro version. But in the free version, if i disable the pagination, it shows only 5 recent posts not the actual large number I set. So before buying the Pro version, I want to be sure if it will show for example all 999 titles of the recent posts if I set 999 as number to show without any pagination? I have a floating collapsible widget sidebar in which I want to show all the blog posts in tabs at a glance by scrolling down without any pagination.

I also request you to please add a feature to select a specific tag only from which I can show posts in a specific tab so that we can display only video posts which have the video tag for example. Till then I will use the custom text tab in the Pro version I guess and manually make a html list of my video posts which will be quite cumbersome to maintain.

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Thank you for contacting MyThemeShop.

1. Currently, the number supports a maximum value of 50 or something like that. But we can help you to increase that by editing the core file. And the number of posts you want to show, the more time the widget will take to show the posts as it'll show the posts after all posts will load.

2. Ill add a note to the team to consider this feature in the upcoming updates.

Thank you.

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