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Outstanding Support!


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Firstly, I have to say your themes are great. And they are also cheaper than a lot of other themes, making them even more... great! 


As for the support forum.. I had a relatively simple question, but before I even asked it I was very surprised to see such a large and active community within the forum. I will definitely be referring back to it for many things I want to know and I'm sure the majority have been asked already, and as far as I can tell, been resolved.. As from what I could see when browsing the forum, every single thread had been eventually resolved. And usually very quickly, as well.


So I asked my simple question after having a little look around the forum. I expected to wait around a day to get an answer, but half an hour later my question was answered politely and concisely and the whole issue was resolved within 30 minutes of my original question.


Simply awesome service so far, and I'm sure you guys know that it really creates satisfied and repeat customers. I have yet to be nearly as impressed with anyone else's theme service and support as I am with yours. Thanks!  

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