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[WP Quiz Pro] Multiple results in my personality quiz

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I'm experimenting with the free WP Quiz plugin before committing to a purchase, and I've encountered some issues.

I have a very simple personality quiz with 2 different results, from 2 questions. When I run through the quiz, I get BOTH results, but if I reset the quiz with the restart questions button, and run through the same answers, I get the correct result. The result is NEVER correct the first time through.

Is this a bug with the plugin, or an issue with the setup of the quiz?

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Since the quiz isn't ready for production yet, I've got the page password protected:

To replicate the issue, follow these steps:

  1. With the Child tab selected, select "Currently playing Ringette"
  2. On the 2nd question, select "I got this!" (You should get the "Children's Ringette" result)
  3. Click the "Play again" button
  4. On the reset quiz, click "New to Ringette"
  5. Next, select "I've never skated before"
  6. You SHOULD get a result of "Children’s Learn to Skate", however I will intermittently get either the "Children's Ringette" result or both the "Children’s Learn to Skate" AND "Children's Ringette" results, stacked on top of each other.
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Removing sensitive data as per request from moderator

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1 hour ago, truongwp said:


Please share your details in the Sensitive data area, don't post them in your reply.

Thank you.

Where exactly is this "Sensitive data area"?

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Please email us the information here:
And include a link to this support ticket.

We will then get back to you on here.


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